ASP and Company F. Human Services and Family

ASPeF is a social enterprise territorial Instrumental Authority of the City of Mantua for the promotion and management of services to the person and the family, and has as its goal the care, consolidation and growth of the personal well-being, relational and social citizens. ASPeF was founded in 1998 and is located in Piazzale Michelangelo No. 1 (district of Valletta Leaky) in Mantua. For information call0376 3578110376 357811.

Currently ASPeF with Pharmacies Mantovane Ltd., employs 190 skilled operators and, in addition to nursing homes "Isabella d'Este" and "Luigi Bianchi" (total 180 beds), manages other facilities, such as:




RSA Isabella D'Este

RSA Luigi Bianchi

CDI Andrea Bertolini




Community Socio Sanitaria




Home Care Service

Integrated Home Care



Youth Aggregation Center
Home Care Service for Minors



Dormitory Public

Semi-retired Social

Retired Social

Temporary lease





Functional rehabilitation













Safe transportation

Association "Smile"

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